Monday, 14 February 2011

Precious Circle

I never had any desire to buy expensive stationary till I got this beautiful Smythson notebook. It was given by Selfridges Press team when I worked with them.

On the yellow front cover it says 'NOTE TO SELF' and on the back cover there is also silver lines 'MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR SELFRIDFEES'. Isn't it witty?

As I started carrying around this notebook, I came to feel my cheap and cheerful old pen looks so shabby next to this shinny notebook.

So I went to a department store, first time ever in my life to have a look at pens delicately lined up in a glass display! Then it was so easy to fall in love with this Cross pen. It seemed to be a perfect marriage with the notebook, too.

I was so happy to carry them in my bag wherever I went.

But then, I couldn't help remembering I once had a beautiful Tiffany pen long time ago. It was a delicate slim silver plated pen given by one of our clients. I loved the pen and had it always in my bag. However, silver is not known as a strongest material.

The pen got so many scratches, got dented, got rusted and finally lost....


So this is it. I bought this pink leather Cross case matching my pen.

I am perfectly happy now about the new stationary set in my old shabby shopping bag, honestly.

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