Friday, 11 March 2011

It shakes us all where ever you are.

The news about Japanese Earthquake was a real heartbreaking for all of us who live outside Japan.

In reality, people I know in Japan were incredibly calm. From the morning I received normal business mails from my clients and there was a certain temperature difference between what you see in BBC News and Japanese people's mentality.

Apparently, even in Tokyo, there have been constant shakes for last 12 hours, and Japanese TV kept warning where a big shake comes in a minute.

So I gave a ring to my mum just to make sure she is OK as she lives on her own.

She went...

Yeah, yeah, I am fine, I've gotta go out for my Karaoke group meeting in a minute...

Obviously, it is a totally different story in Northern part of Japan. There is fear of massive fire, Tunami and Nuclear plant leak. And looking at a whole village just wiped away literally in a couple of seconds was a real stabbing pain.

I have been thinking what I could do...there is nothing much. I just donated some money, that is all I can think of at the moment, not much, very useless of me. But if you could share any bit of my feeling, would you please spread the links below for me? Thank you very very much!


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