Sunday, 13 March 2011

We may all be just a grain of sand but remember what a massive beach is made of

Most of my friends who live outside Japan are hugely frustrated for a last couple of days.

We want to help our own country but how?

It was the same for non-Japanese people around me. They kindly asked me for 2 questions. Firstly if my family and friends in Japan are OK, and secondly, if there are anything they can do.

In case you share the same feeling, please spread this link below:

British Red Cross: Japan Tunami Appeal

This time, Japanese Red Cross was so slow to react 'coordinating with other organisations'. Meanwhile, British Red Cross started asking for donation for Japan.

Nevertheless, I don't think it has exposed in the UK media as much as it needed.

I know that Japan is not known as the world poorest country, and maybe that is why UK media is not aware of the necessity of the appeal.

But please remember, how much ever the country seems to be wealthy, the truth is that there are thousands of people in Japan, who are shivering on a freezing school hall right now.

It will take a long long time to get everybody recovered physically, and equally if not more importantly, recovered mentally. In order to go through the long long process, they obviously need money.

Please do not get it wrong. You do not have to give money, please do not feel guilty for that! Just talking about it to people around you can be big enough!!
(But if you could donate, please do not forget to tick the tax relief, if you are a UK taxpayer, that can be counted, too)

We all could do something from where we stand at. It is a matter of awareness.

Pic: Independent on Sunday. Brilliant! Thanks.

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