Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sushi, Geisha, Fuji-Yama

What a Cliche! We are all fed up with it.

I love Sushi and I do feel something special about Mount Fuji.

In one sense Mt Fuji is very close to me since it was always there over the window on sunny days when I was in Japan.

My home town is not so close to Mt Fuji but from windows at school or trains to get to school or work, it was always there, well, on sunny days.

So it was just one of those things you see everyday, nothing special at the time.

It was only after I lived in London for a few years,  I realised, came to appreciate, how special it was.

People do not appreciate what they have but only realise how precious it was when they lose it.

So, maybe, we all have to start looking up and start counting what we have NOW, don't we?

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