Monday, 21 March 2011

Say Cheese

Everybody knows what it's made of.

It was 'Super Cheese' yesterday, apparently 30 percent brighter than usual, yummy!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thiking of Japan...

One of the things I miss about Japan is the season of cherry blossom.

Somehow, the blossom in London is much earlier than one in Tokyo. May be they are different kind of cherries although they look identically the same?

In Japan, it is traditional that people do picnic under cherry trees. Some people even bring a Karaoke set and have a sing and drink session in a park.

In a month or two, cherries will still bloom even in this devastated situation in Japan.

I wish cherry blossom will ease people's feeling and they still have a little bit of room in their mind to appreciate the beauty...

Has the cat got your tongue?

Well, he certainly is innocent.
I could not found your tongue in his paw.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

We may all be just a grain of sand but remember what a massive beach is made of

Most of my friends who live outside Japan are hugely frustrated for a last couple of days.

We want to help our own country but how?

It was the same for non-Japanese people around me. They kindly asked me for 2 questions. Firstly if my family and friends in Japan are OK, and secondly, if there are anything they can do.

In case you share the same feeling, please spread this link below:

British Red Cross: Japan Tunami Appeal

This time, Japanese Red Cross was so slow to react 'coordinating with other organisations'. Meanwhile, British Red Cross started asking for donation for Japan.

Nevertheless, I don't think it has exposed in the UK media as much as it needed.

I know that Japan is not known as the world poorest country, and maybe that is why UK media is not aware of the necessity of the appeal.

But please remember, how much ever the country seems to be wealthy, the truth is that there are thousands of people in Japan, who are shivering on a freezing school hall right now.

It will take a long long time to get everybody recovered physically, and equally if not more importantly, recovered mentally. In order to go through the long long process, they obviously need money.

Please do not get it wrong. You do not have to give money, please do not feel guilty for that! Just talking about it to people around you can be big enough!!
(But if you could donate, please do not forget to tick the tax relief, if you are a UK taxpayer, that can be counted, too)

We all could do something from where we stand at. It is a matter of awareness.

Pic: Independent on Sunday. Brilliant! Thanks.

Friday, 11 March 2011

It shakes us all where ever you are.

The news about Japanese Earthquake was a real heartbreaking for all of us who live outside Japan.

In reality, people I know in Japan were incredibly calm. From the morning I received normal business mails from my clients and there was a certain temperature difference between what you see in BBC News and Japanese people's mentality.

Apparently, even in Tokyo, there have been constant shakes for last 12 hours, and Japanese TV kept warning where a big shake comes in a minute.

So I gave a ring to my mum just to make sure she is OK as she lives on her own.

She went...

Yeah, yeah, I am fine, I've gotta go out for my Karaoke group meeting in a minute...

Obviously, it is a totally different story in Northern part of Japan. There is fear of massive fire, Tunami and Nuclear plant leak. And looking at a whole village just wiped away literally in a couple of seconds was a real stabbing pain.

I have been thinking what I could do...there is nothing much. I just donated some money, that is all I can think of at the moment, not much, very useless of me. But if you could share any bit of my feeling, would you please spread the links below for me? Thank you very very much!


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sushi, Geisha, Fuji-Yama

What a Cliche! We are all fed up with it.

I love Sushi and I do feel something special about Mount Fuji.

In one sense Mt Fuji is very close to me since it was always there over the window on sunny days when I was in Japan.

My home town is not so close to Mt Fuji but from windows at school or trains to get to school or work, it was always there, well, on sunny days.

So it was just one of those things you see everyday, nothing special at the time.

It was only after I lived in London for a few years,  I realised, came to appreciate, how special it was.

People do not appreciate what they have but only realise how precious it was when they lose it.

So, maybe, we all have to start looking up and start counting what we have NOW, don't we?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Matter of Gravity?

I love my bread-maker. Bread-making is pure science. When I open the bread-maker, it always fascinates me.

But sometimes, it is not only a matter of science but can be physics, too?

I wonder what the gravity inside the bread-maker was like?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Back to Blues

I am actually a kind of Birmingham City FC supporter, therefore, just to show my supportive spirit, I bet 3 pounds on BCFC to win for 2-1 on Sunday.

The odds was 25-1. So 3 pounds turned into 78 pounds.

I thought that the money, at least the profit of 75 pounds, should be contributed back to BCFC since I am a good, a kind of supporter.

So, I have sent the money to my nephew, 10 years old, an enthusiastic Blues supporter, who, I believe, would have no problems to spend it all on Blues, great!

That's how organic as I am.